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Get the POWER2GO now as LIFE or WORK and rock the party of your life where you want... independent & free!

Experience the difference





Fast Charging

With 1.000W charging power, your POWER2GO is fully charged in a short time and ready for the next job.

High Performance

2.5 kWh capacity! High performance for ultimate reliability. Always energy, everywhere!

Long Runtime

We guarantee long-lasting performance, whether stationary or on the move. Our technology offers a reliable and consistent runtime for our product.

Water resistant

Innovation with IP65 water resistance means peace of mind in any weather. Robust against water and dust, whether indoors or outdoors.


No power socket? No problem!

Life is perfect when you are free! You can do anything! Everywhere! If only the battery wasn't flat again. The pursuit of freedom is both the deepest basic human need and the basis for innovation and success. Wouldn't it be great to be independent of the power grid? Are you longing for a power bank that is big in design? It's time to make it a reality! It's the era of Power2Go! Whether it's for your holiday, your passion, your job or all of the above. Whether you're a camper, photographer, DJ or digital nomad. Be what you want to be; detached from the stationary power grid. The Power2Go portable energy storage unit delivers a constant continuous output of 2,500 watts and can even operate devices with peak outputs of up to 3,000 watts without any problems. This means you can run your laptop for 38 hours or your chainsaw for more than three hours.


POWER2GO WORK: 2.5 kWh capacity, IP65 water-resistant, fast-charging. For reliable energy outdoors. Ideal for business trips and construction sites.


POWER2GO LIFE: Compact and powerful with long-lasting energy. Ideal for everyday use, it offers reliability and flexibility. Its handy size and versatile charging function make it the perfect companion for travelling - anytime, anywhere.


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Compact, mobile and reliable. The POWER2GO provides independent power for tools and machines on remote construction sites. The portable design makes it flexible and guarantees continuous power wherever it is needed.



POWER2GO provides flexible power for a wide range of tools and machines, regardless of the power source. It ensures a reliable power supply on construction sites or in remote areas, which supports efficiency and mobility in the trades.


Events & Production

The POWER2GO mobile power supply enables independent productions at any location, without the restrictions of power sockets. This portable solution ensures continuous power for lighting, cameras and equipment, resulting in flexible and high-quality productions.


Rescue organisations

In emergency situations, it provides a reliable power supply for life-saving equipment such as medical devices and communication equipment. Its portability allows it to be used in remote areas or areas affected by natural disasters where conventional power sources may not be available. POWER2GO helps rescue organisations to provide fast and effective assistance and save lives.



Camping with Power2Go is an unforgettable experience. The portable power supply offers the freedom to enjoy the outdoors without having to sacrifice comfort. Power2Go can be used to power electronic devices such as lights, fridges and mobile devices, providing greater convenience and safety when camping. Its flexibility and reliability make it the perfect companion for any outdoor adventure.