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BMZ POWER2GO Work for events and video production: Reliable power source for the entertainment industry

POWER2GO - The key component for events and productions that require mobility and independence! Our mobile power supply enables independent productions at any location, without the inconvenience of conventional power sockets. The POWER2GO is the ultimate portable solution that ensures a reliable and continuous power supply for lighting, cameras and equipment, resulting in flexible and high quality productions.

Whether you're planning an outdoor event, filming on a remote location or staging a stage show without a fixed power connection, the POWER2GO is your reliable partner.




High performance and reliability

Energy content:
With a capacity of 2,500 Wh and a nominal output of 2,500 W up to a maximum output of 3,600 W, the POWER2GO Work offers a powerful and stable power supply.
Versatile connections:​
Its numerous connection options, including 2x 230 V AC sockets (with safety plug) and an AC input with C14 plug (for various devices), make it extremely flexible for use in event and video production.

Robustness for Production Environments

Material and Protection:
Made of durable aluminum and with an IP65 certification, the POWER2GO Work provides protection against external influences, ideal for use in dynamic event and video production environments.
Operating Temperature:
With an operating temperature of approximately 10 to 65°C, the POWER2GO Work is designed for various recording conditions and production environments.

Smart Add-ons for Efficiency

LED Display:
The integrated LED display provides real-time information on current energy consumption to ensure optimal usage.
Certification and Charging Options:
Certified according to UN 38.3 and CE, the POWER2GO Work also offers the option to be environmentally charged with solar panels up to a power of 500W.

The BMZ POWER2GO Work is the ideal solution for the event and video production industry, combining reliability, performance, and flexibility in a compact and robust package. Its ability to provide a constant and reliable power source makes it an indispensable companion at events and video productions where uninterrupted power supply is of the highest importance.