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BMZ POWER2GO WORK for emergencies

Reliable energy for rescue organizations

POWER2GO - The indispensable power source for emergency organizations in crisis situations! In critical moments, this system provides reliable power supply for life-saving equipment such as medical devices and communication facilities. The portability of POWER2GO allows for flexible deployment in remote or disaster-affected areas where conventional power sources may not be available.

Amid emergencies, you become the savior for emergency organizations worldwide. The ability to supply vital medical devices and communication facilities with reliable power enables you to work effectively and save lives, even in the most challenging environments.




Reliability and Power

Energy Content:
With a capacity of 2,500 Wh and a nominal power of 2,500 W up to a maximum power of 3,600 W, the POWER2GO Work provides a constant and powerful energy source.
Versatile Connections:
Its numerous connection options, including 2x 230 V AC sockets (with safety plugs) and an AC input with a C14 plug (for various devices), make it particularly versatile for use in emergency organizations.

Robust Construction for Emergency Deployments

Material and Protection:
Constructed from durable aluminum and equipped with an IP65 certification, the POWER2GO Work provides protection against external influences, making it suitable for use in demanding emergency situations.
Operating Temperature:
Its operational capacity in temperatures ranging from about -10 to 65°C enables its use in various deployment environments.

Smart Features for Efficiency

LED Display:
An integrated LED display provides real-time information about the current energy consumption to ensure optimal usage.
Certification and Charging Options:
Certified according to UN 38.3 and CE, the POWER2GO Work also offers the possibility of environmentally friendly charging with solar panels up to a power of 500 W.

The portability of the POWER2GO is crucial when it comes to providing help quickly and effectively in remote areas. The flexibility of this system ensures that you always have a reliable power source to fall back on in emergency situations. POWER2GO helps to expand your operational capabilities and maximise the effectiveness of your life-saving missions. Rely on POWER2GO to provide power in critical moments and support rescue organisations worldwide. This portable power system plays a critical role in providing rapid assistance and saving lives when it's needed most.