2500 Wh with display and bright LED light


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BMZ POWER2GO LIFE - The reliable companion for energy on the go

If you are going on an outdoor adventure or enjoying the freedom of nature while camping, the BMZ POWER2GO is your ultimate partner for independent energy supply. The robust and durable design, which is dustproof and waterproof, makes the POWER2GO a reliable companion in any situation.

Wherever your path takes you, the POWER2GO LIFE impresses with its high mobility. With a weight of ~ 25 kg in a compact design with ergonomic handles, it can be taken anywhere.

But don't let its size fool you, because the POWER2GO offers an impressive power density that will never let you down. With a peak power of 3,600 W and a constant, long-term power output of 2,500 W, it allows you to operate devices with high power requirements. Whether you want to power electronic gadgets, lighting systems or even kitchen appliances, the POWER2GO reliably delivers the energy you need.

The POWER2GO's aluminum housing is not only robust, but also IP65-certified, which protects it from dust and water. The integrated display, lighting and LED indicator for ongoing use make using the POWER2GO extremely user-friendly and intuitive.

And the best part? You can also charge the POWER2GO using solar energy! With a charging capacity of under 500W, you can catch the sun's rays and recharge your power source sustainably.

Whether you're out in the wilderness, calling a campsite home or heading off on an adventure, the BMZ POWER2GO will be your reliable companion, providing you with the power you need wherever you are. Get ready for limitless freedom and energy with the POWER2GO by your side!

Here are some impressive technical details of the POWER2GO:


Property Details
Cell type Lithium-ion 21700
Nominal power 2.500 W
Max. Power 3,600 W
Charging voltage 92-264 Vac
Charging power 1,000 W
AC output @230Vac 1x 2.500 W (Schuko plug)
AC input 1x Neutrik Powercon plug
DC output USB-A 2x 10 W
DC output USB-C PD 2x 100 W
DC output 120 W car plug 1x
BMZ zeigt Qualität und Know-How auf ihr neues Energieprodukt Power2Go als LIFE oder WORK
Ich habe das Testprodukt gesehen und probieren dürfen und war begeistert. Die BMZ zeigt hier ein tolles Produkt das mich begeistert. Ich freue mich auf das Produkt Power2Go und werde sicher Verwendung dafür haben.
Ben / Dec 20, 2023
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Entdecke unser POWER2GO LIFE  Bundle! Verbinde den leistungsstarken Energiespeicher mit unserem faltbaren Solarpanel für ultimative mobile Energie beim Camping und unterwegs.



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POWER2GO WORK: 2.5 kWh capacity, IP65 waterproof, fast charging. For a reliable outdoor power supply. Ideal for excursions and construction sites.


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BMZ Work 1000x1000

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Here are the most frequently asked questions



What is the difference between POWER2GOWORK and POWER2GOLIFE?

The POWER2GO WORK is rugged and designed for construction sites, with a strong frame and ergonomic handle. It offers durability and performance for tough work environments. The POWER2GO LIFE, on the other hand, focuses on lifestyle, featuring a display, USB ports (4 x USB-C PD), and LED light for versatility and comfort in everyday life.


How much does a POWER2GO weigh?

The weight of a POWER2GO is 25-26 kilograms. This weight class was intentionally chosen to provide a good balance between portability and stability. It allows for relatively easy handling, as it is not too heavy, yet has enough weight to ensure stability and safety, whether used for construction work, leisure activities, or daily use.


Can I rent a POWER2GO?

Yes, both the POWER2GO WORK and LIFE can be rented. You can make an inquiry by clicking here and filling out the rental form. The corresponding form allows you to submit your request and learn more details.


What are the return conditions for POWER2GO?

The return conditions for the POWER2GO specify that returns are possible within 14 days of receiving the goods or the delivery date. For a return, please use the return form. This form allows you to initiate the return process and take the necessary steps to return the POWER2GO.


What are the delivery times for POWER2GO?

We ship with DPD, who typically deliver the next working day (Mon-Fri) if your order is received by us before 13:00. For more details on shipping costs and standard delivery times, you can check here.