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POWER2GO WORK: 2.5 kWh capacity, IP65 waterproof, fast-charging. For reliable outdoor power. Ideal for outings and construction sites.

only € 2,475.00


POWER2GO LIFE: Compact and powerful with long-lasting energy. Ideal for everyday use, it offers reliability and flexibility. Its handy size and versatile charging function make it the perfect companion for on-the-go - always and everywhere.

only € 2,295.00


POWERPANEL: Lightweight, foldable solar panel, perfectly compatible with POWER2GO. Provides mobile energy from sunlight, anywhere and anytime.



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Here are the most frequently asked questions


What is the difference between POWER2GOWORK and POWER2GOLIFE?

The POWER2GO WORK is robust and designed for construction sites, with a strong frame and ergonomic handle. It offers resilience and performance for tough working environments. On the other hand, POWER2GO LIFE focuses on lifestyle, featuring a display, USB ports (A & C), 12-volt connection, and LED light for versatility and comfort in everyday life.


How much does a POWER2GO weigh?

The weight of a POWER2GO is 23 kilograms. This weight class has been consciously chosen to provide a good balance between portability and stability. It allows for relatively easy handling as it's not too heavy yet has enough weight to ensure stability and safety, whether used for construction work, leisure activities, or daily use.


Can I rent a POWER2GO?

Yes, both the POWER2GO WORK and LIFE can be rented. You can make an inquiry by clicking here and filling out the rental form. The corresponding form allows you to make your inquiry and learn more details.


What are the return conditions for POWER2GO?

The return conditions for the POWER2GO allow returns within 14 days of receiving the product or delivery date. To make a return, please use the return form. This form allows you to initiate the return process and take the necessary steps to return the POWER2GO.


What are the delivery times for POWER2GO?

We ship with DPD, which usually delivers on the next working day (Mon-Fri) if your order is received by us by 1:00 PM. For more detailed information on shipping costs and standard delivery times, you can check here: Shipping Costs and Standard Delivery Times