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BMZ POWER2GO Work: Powerful energy for the construction industry

The BMZ POWER2GO Work is a robust and powerful power supply system that is specially tailored to the requirements of the construction industry.

In addition to its performance and robustness, the BMZ POWER2GO Work is also characterised by its durability. Developed to withstand the harshest conditions, it is designed to provide a reliable power source over the long term. Its versatility makes it possible to operate various tools and machines on the construction site, increasing efficiency and productivity.



Powerful and reliable

Energy content:
With a capacity of 2,500 Wh and a nominal output of 2,500 W up to a maximum output of 3,600 W, the POWER2GO Work provides a constant and powerful power source.

Versatile connections:
Its versatile connection options, including 2x 230 V AC sockets (with safety plug) and an AC input with C14 plug (for cold appliances), make it extremely flexible in use.

Robustness for use in construction

Material and protection:
Hergestellt aus Aluminium und mit einer IP65-Zertifizierung bietet der POWER2GO Work eine widerstandsfähige Hülle gegen äußere Einflüsse und ist bestens für den Einsatz auf Baustellen geeignet.
Operating temperature:
Its operating temperature of around 10 to 65°C allows it to be used in different environments and under different conditions.

Intelligent extras for efficiency

An integrated LED display provides real-time information on current energy consumption, enabling efficient use.
Zertifizierung und Lademöglichkeiten: Certified according to UN 38.3 and CE, the POWER2GO Work also offers the possibility of being charged with solar panels up to a power of 500 W, which is a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy source.

The BMZ POWER2GO Work is an ideal solution for the construction industry, combining reliability, performance and versatility in one robust package. Its ability to provide a constant power source and its adaptability to different environments make it an indispensable companion on construction sites where a reliable power supply is essential.