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POWER2GO LIFE: Modern amenities for unforgettable outdoor experiences

Experience camping in a completely new dimension with POWER2GO! Our portable power supply makes your outdoor adventure an unforgettable experience by giving you the freedom to fully enjoy nature without sacrificing the comfort of modern conveniences. POWER2GO allows you to easily operate electronic devices such as lighting, refrigerators, and mobile devices, providing more comfort and security during your camping trip.




Versatility and Mobility

Versatile Connections:
Equipped with a 230V AC plug (safety plug), a C14 plug (cold device plug), and a USB-C port, the POWER2GO LIFE is highly versatile, allowing the charging of various devices and electronic gadgets.

Lightweight and Mobile:
Despite its performance and versatility, the POWER2GO LIFE weighs approximately 23 kg, making it lightweight and mobile, perfect for use on the go or in situations where mobility is crucial.


Charging via Solar Panels
The ability to charge with solar panels of less than 500W makes the POWER2GO LIFE an environmentally friendly and sustainable energy source.

Safety and Sustainability

Robust Construction and Certifications
Aluminum casing and IP65 certification provide protection against external influences, making the POWER2GO LIFE sturdy and resilient. Certifications according to UN 38.3 and CE confirm its safety and quality.

The flexibility and reliability of POWER2GO make it the perfect companion for any adventure in nature. Whether you're traveling alone or planning camping trips with friends and family, POWER2GO provides the independent energy you need to fully focus on the camping experience. Rely on POWER2GO to enrich your camping adventure with comfort, lighting, and modern technology, creating memories that will last a lifetime!

Immerse yourself in pristine nature without having to forego the conveniences of modern technology. The POWER2GO not only offers the possibility to embellish your tent or camping site with illuminated accents but also enables the operation of refrigerators to keep your food fresh and the charging of mobile devices, keeping you connected at all times.